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 Get Pregnant Faster  

The chances of getting pregnant in a 20-year-old woman are 30%, in a 40-year-old woman, they drop to 10%. Understanding fertilization conditions, hormonal balance, and timing will help you make your project a reality. if you want to get pregnant, here are some details you need to know 


  • Limit your consumption of coffee 

A Studies conducted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Nevada, show that caffeine would have a negative impact on women’s fertility. Caffeine was responsible for releasing the muscles of the Fallopian tubes. Their role is to transport the eggs to the womb. Coffee consumption would thus be detrimental to their migration. Studies have yet to show how much would negatively affect fertility. We recommend that you refer the matter to your doctor. He may also provide advice on. 


  • The best time to get pregnant  

A woman can get pregnant on the day of ovulation and five days before. Spermatozoa can only survive in the female body during these few fertile days, protected and fed by the cervical mucus.  


  •  Confirm ovulation and plan pregnancy  

Tracking your morning temperature allows you to know if and when ovulation has taken place and to identify hormonal imbalances that can reduce your chances of getting pregnant and carrying your baby to term.  

If you wonder how to get pregnant faster, the most effective way to get pregnant faster and naturally is to have a relationship at the right time. With Lady-Comp baby, the best days for fertilization are indicated at the beginning of each cycle. With your Lady-Comp calendar, you can plan your love reunion in advance to increase your chances of conceiving.  


  •  Monitor the luteal phase  

Tracking your temperature curves will help you understand why your pregnancies are not coming to term (miscarriages), or if you can’t conceive.  

A slight hormonal imbalance can cause miscarriage, which is why Lady-Comp baby analyzes the luteal phase, also indicates monophasic cycles and progesterone deficiencies.  


  • Detecting and protecting your pregnancy  

Lady-Comp baby will let you know you’re pregnant very early. It links your most fertile days to the entrance of your sexual intercourse to indicate whether you are likely to become pregnant during the current cycle. He will inform you as soon as 5 days after your ovulation.  


  • when is the best time to take a pregnancy test? 

After 15 days of high temperatures, each Lady-Comp device assumes a possible pregnancy and confirms it to you after the 18th day high. He will then leave his three lights on. This will allow you to make an appointment with your midwife and follow her advice from the beginning of your pregnancy.  


  • how to get pregnant girl or boy 

Lady-Comp baby can help you choose the sex of your baby by telling you the days most conducive to the conception of a boy or a girl. Statistics show that having reports on the few days before ovulation increases your chances of giving birth to a little boy.  


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