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Baby 10 weeks - What you need to know - BabyCenter

Baby 10 weeks Tips

In baby 10 weeks, Growth is bittersweet, as you mourn the tiny baby of hazy memories while enjoying longer sleeps and increased alertness. 

Isn't it mind-blowing that it's only been ten weeks? If you want to be one of the 130-week-old preschooler's determinedly precise parents, double digits mean you could start talking in months rather than weeks when you introduce baby. Baby is growing quickly at this stage, so you might be unpacking those three-to-six-month baby clothes and, gasp, retiring the basket or bassinet that baby began in. Growth is still bittersweet, as you mourn the tiny baby of hazy memories when enjoying the victory of longer sleeps and improved alertness.

Physically Developing

At this point, you should have seen a couple of growth spurts, with your baby growing two inches and gaining 2-3 pounds since birth. It's time to go up a size now that they're outgrowing their clothes and Moses basket. For a few nights, hold the Moses basket inside the cot to acclimate your baby to their new surroundings.

A baby 10 weeks will be filling out more, and if her legs and arms are chubbier than you thought, this is perfectly natural. Your baby will begin to notice that they can use their arms and hands, eventually realizing that they can look and touch things at the same time. That means you're going to get a lot of grabbing.

Cognitively Developing

When your baby knows they can kick and punch with their legs and arms, they will become more balanced and grasp at something. This is an excellent time to implement toys that will aid in hand-eye coordination during playtime.

Playtime is also something your baby is becoming more interested in; she will enjoy all the bright colors and new sounds. Allowing items to dangle from their pram or cot will help them improve their 3D vision and allow them to grasp at them.

What jabs should a 10-week-old baby have?

You should have had your immunization appointment when your baby was two months old, but if you are only now getting around to it or it has been delayed, here is some advice to keep the baby 10 weeks calm during vaccination.

They will receive their first dose of the 5-in-1 vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, and Hib during their consultation (haemophilus influenza type B).

How much a 10 weeks old baby should be eating?

Growth spurts can only mean one thing: more food. If you follow your baby's lead, they will eat more, but don't worry about overeating because they know how much they need five to six feeds every 24 hours is typical at this age, but every baby is different.

10 weeks old crying: Dealing with colic.

If your baby has been suffering from colic, I hope it will begin to improve in the upcoming weeks. If you are still struggling, or if your baby seems to be crying more than normal, here is some advice to help you stop the crying.

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