iPhone 5 Black or White? and Why?

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  1. brotiki answered: black because its sleeker
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    Black. Idk why everyone wants white. It’s obvious the black one runs faster. ;D^ when you get it.
  3. yaaasharry answered: white. it looks so much cooler, and black is so cliché
  4. brighter-than-th3-stars answered: black looks cleaner, but white is nicer
  5. hkalhsm answered: Black
  6. im-sorrie-k answered: White. Although the black looks nice, it tends to chip, even if taken care of right. It’s almost like the paint falls off.Personal experiance
  7. neyulimonido answered: White, because… WHITE
  8. hannaelionor answered: white
  9. mcnuggetharry answered: black bc it runs faster
  10. lettherebehappinessss answered: white
  11. jonaii answered: None. I even don’t have money to buy iPhone 5.
  12. sanityisanillusionn answered: Black,obviously they’re faster.
  13. knuckleheadrncspazatron answered: black, original color all the way.
  14. solescribe answered: WHITE!!! Less terrible finger prints. Also looks fantastic with most phone cases!
  15. purpleteaandhonor answered: White with a rainbow case!
  16. missattitude99 answered: black. my favorite color is black so
  17. bast202 answered: white
  18. blowjob-panda-demolition answered: black. because the white one is more common than the black one and thats the best way to satnd out with an iphone. white gets dirty faster
  19. sahrahleeuu answered: Black so you won’t notice how dirty it will become
  20. goodnight-my-darling answered: white. because it looks better
  21. peetamellarkismyhusband answered: purple because lions are blue.
  22. cold-fallen-angel answered: Black because it’s pretty like the night.
  23. imaginemywhatever answered: White, cuz it seems like everyone buys black!!
  24. endlessamaranthine answered: Black ‘cause it seems more sleek and classy in my opinion.
  25. hetero-phobic answered: black because it runs faster
  26. laudromat answered: Black—it’s classy :)
  27. calvinchu answered: white and get a gray case (speck or otterbox) it just looks classy and awesome :]
  28. parkermiller answered: black, you know why ;)
  29. raverobber answered: taco because thats the best thing to ever have near ur face!
  30. theafrohipster1994 answered: neither cuz im poor
  31. algid-air answered: White, because it’s sexier.
  32. brookemininininini answered: i just got black and i love it, it is a little more senstive around the rims with scratches and dents than with past iphones
  33. thehodgetwins answered: white because white people over everything hail america and satan the dark lord
  34. mellifluousrandomness answered: I’m trying to decide that too! I’m thinking black because my current phone is white and tiny scratches look huge!
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